February, 2-3 2017 The Resuscitation Symposium

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We are proud to present to you the first Dutch Symposium on Emergency and Critical Care: the Resuscitation Symposiu!

This symposium is a cooperation between prominent physicians from the United States and different specialists in the Netherlands.

The program includes:

- Critical Care, Emergency medicine and Trauma Update: Articles You’ve Got to Know!
– Post-Arrest Care…Interventions That Save Lives!
– Hypertensive Emergency…Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make!
– Emergency and Critical Care Ultrasound…Life saving pictures!
– Fluid Resuscitation and Vasoactive Therapy in the Critically ill!
– Sepsis 2017: What Really Matters?
– Difficult Airway and Acute Repiratory Failure (non-Invasive Ventilation)
– Pulmonary Embolism…In hospital – Out of hospital, Thrombolysis of not?
– Beyond the Golden Hour…Caring for the ICU Boarder


– Trauma Advanced Life Support
– Delayed Sequence Intubation…Is that not very old?
– Apneic Oxygenation
– PSA Complications…You’ve Got to Know it.
– Intravenous PM in ED
– US: Central Line
– ED Thoracothomy
– Lactate…Do we really need it?

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Salim Rezaie, Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine Physician at GSEP, Texas.

Target Groups

Emergency Physicians, Intensivists, Internists Acute Medicine, Anesthesiologists, Cardiologists and Residents.


Emergency Medicine Teaching Center, Albert Schweitzer Hospital, NVSHA and DEUS.


Albert Schweitzer Hospital, Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

The registration starts in December

We hope to meet you in February!